Coastal Eagle, Seward, AK 2010. 12.


Motion of primary feather, wingstroke, and sharp eyes in flight of bald eagle, these are the theme of this photographing trip.

Imaging a flying bald eagle in mind at a library, I was reading the book of Art Wolfe’s. (Art Wolfe is one of the most celebrated photographers in the world.) Passion for capturing an image of eagle flight came to my mind. Then my next photo theme was decided.

Homer spit was the easiest place to approach bald eagle for picture till last winter (2009) however a small number of the eagle is present at the spit this year. Because Jean Keen who had handed out to the eagles for a long time passed away, nobody has feed on the eagles. Thanks to Jean, I have already taken some good photography of the bird but I need to find another honey pot location for it. Fortunately, I found reliable information from another book, Birds of Alaska at the library.

According to this, there is one lagoon where it is located on 3 hours driving from Anchorage.