Bear Fishing, McNeil State Game Sanctuary, AK 2009. 6.


Capturing dynamic image of bear was one of my dreams before I came here Alaska. The dream came true so early. Needless to say, it was just pure luck because I won the lottery of the bear viewing program of ADF&G. Patience is the key to be a wildlife photographer. This is what I learned from one Japanese wildlife photographer. But now luck is also my talent, I believe.

From June through the beginning of August, fishing bear is common to see in the area. McNeil River is also known as a safe bear viewing spot in the North America even though not many people can get in because of the limitation of a number of visitors. There is no accident between human and bear for 30 years. However, it cost a lot for this trip that I did not know before planning. Save money if you go there.

Making photography theme of this adventure, I focused on the relation between mom bear and its cub in this rare opportunity.