Inside Passage, Juneau, AK 2010. 7.


This adventure is my first experience to photograph on the water. Being known as Babble Net Feeding, this feeding activity of Humpback Whale captured my interest. Although the picture of this unique feeding style has already published by many photographers in the world, I expected that it would be good test for my photography career. Frankly, only the desire to watch Humpback Whale in my face pushed me to go there. The plan had been considered a half year ago (from January) with my friend, Takashi Kurosu who designed this web site. (I call him Kurosu because his given name is as same as mine.) In Japan at an Internet cafe, we started searching this location where we have never been. Then one rental boat company was found out. Then we decided that we approach the whale by a boat we steer.

Jake Buck, is a sales manager of the company, Panhandle Powerboats LLC, gave us valuable information around this site, especially about the place of uncharted rock reef. It helped a lot. On arriving the airport, we called to Jake and got a skiff. It’s about 15 feet long which is enough size to be tossed by the small waves. And worried that we have no experience. But, adventure is on my own risk. Setting up the base camp at Auke bay campsite, we opened a map and a chart.

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